Best Criminal Defence Solicitors in Birmingham UK

When facing criminal charges, finding the right solicitor can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

In Birmingham, there are several law firms and solicitors specialising in criminal defence, each with its own unique strengths and areas of expertise.

This post will list some of the best criminal defence solicitors in Birmingham UK, providing an authentic overview of their services and expertise.

Best Criminal Defence Solicitors in Birmingham, UK

1. Purcell Parker Criminal Law Solicitors

Purcell Parker, established in 1979, stands out as one of the best criminal defence solicitors in Birmingham and one of Birmingham’s most successful and renowned criminal law firms. With over three decades of experience, they specialise in all aspects of criminal litigation, including white-collar crime and motoring offences. Their expertise extends to a thriving prison law department, enhancing their comprehensive criminal law services.

As a leading criminal defence practice in the West Midlands, Purcell Parker is known for its commitment to providing top-notch legal aid and representation. They ensure that everyone, regardless of financial situation, has access to free and independent legal advice at the police station.

  • General Criminal Defence
  • White Collar Crime
  • Motoring Offences
  • Fraud and Business-related Crime
  • Prison Law and Representation at the Police Station
  • Legal Representation at the Magistrates’ Court Advice

2. Kangs Solicitors

Kangs Solicitors, established in 1997, is a dynamic and experienced law firm with offices in London, Birmingham, and Manchester. This award-winning firm are among the best criminal defence solicitors in Birmingham. They specialise in a range of legal areas, including financial investigations, criminal litigation and civil fraud.

Their reputation is particularly strong in handling serious high-profile general crime and financial crime investigations, often involving work in overseas jurisdictions.

  • Account Freezing Orders
  • Serious & General Crimes and Private Criminal Prosecutions
  • POCA & Confiscation
  • Police Station Advice
  • Sexual Offences

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